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What styles are taught on Aoife Blake Movement & Meditation?


You will find heartfelt, on-demand classes for Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. 

There are classes to suit every mood - calming, energising, stretchy, or fiery. There are classes to help you build strength, mobility and flexibility, and to help you wind down, de-stress, wake up gently, and refresh and quieten your mind. There are also focused themes for runners, after-work, travel, people with periods, and more. 

The classes are always growing.


What level are the classes?


The classes range from completely-new-and-never-tried-this-before to intermediate and advanced. There are specific beginner videos for each style. This gives you a jumping-off point to start your journey by helping you build strength, mobility, and knowledge for you to progress even further into your practise. 

Classes are placed into four levels:

  • Level 1 - Beginner: This is for people completely new to yoga, pilates or meditation. There will be extra guidance and instructions, accessible options for poses, and more explanations of prop use.

  • Level 2 - For All Levels: This is for anyone of any level. The flows will have accessible options for most people, with layered options to make it more or less challenging.

  • Level 3 - Intermediate: This is for people with some knowledge and experience who want to advance their practise. There will be fewer explanations and more challenging sequences.

  • Level 4 - Advanced: This is the most challenging option on the website and is for quite experienced practitioners with a good knowledge of asanas, poses or sequences.

How long are the classes?

You will find classes for 10min, 20min, 30min and 40min+ (with varying times in between).

The quicker classes may be short, but they are effective. They are for when you don't have much time or energy in your busy day, but you still want to practise self-care by moving and flowing. They are also a great complementary movement for after a run or a cycle to either add some extra fire, or to stretch and release afterwards. 

The longer classes are for you to take your time with your practise, so you can really savour and enjoy it.

The guided meditation classes start from 5min and go up to around 18min. Some meditation classes have versions with longer pauses between guidance, so you have more space to sit with your breath and your meditation exercises.

What method are the classes delivered with?


All classes are on-demand, pre-recorded videos. This is so you can fit your practise into your day, in your own time and in your own space.

Why do the classes have voiceovers?


I do this so that the classes are pleasant to listen to. People who work in retail, for instance, where you are bombarded with noises from the store's music, loud crowds, and rude people yelling at you, may experience sensory overload at the end of the day. This could result in finding certain noises irritating when trying to de-stress. The voiceovers eliminate smacking mouth noises, sniffles, swallowing noises, heavy breathing, etc, which can be present in a lot of real-time recordings, especially when the microphone is so close to the teacher's mouth. This is also for neurodiverse people or people with misophonia who may find such noises extremely unpleasant and aggravating.

My aim is for these classes to be repeatable time and time again for everyone, and eliminating those noises by delivering my classes with voiceovers is a big part of that step. 

Are you open to class requests?


Yes, absolutely! 100%. I aim for this website to be a place where you can find your favourite flows and have them be repeatable and pleasant and exactly what you need. I believe requests are a huge part of that.

There is a submission form you can fill out if you would like to suggest something. It can be found by clicking the "Class Requests" button at the bottom of the Online Studio.


Do you offer a free trial?


Yes! You get a 7-day free trial when you sign up to see if my classes are for you. Once the trial period is over, you will be charged the subscription plan price at a reoccurring time every month. If you cancel before the 7 days are over, you will not be charged.


Can I cancel my subscription? How do I do so?


Aw, I’d be sorry to see you go! But yes, you can cancel at any time. You can do this by going into your profile (clicking on the avatar on the top right of the page), and going to “My Subscriptions.” From here, you have access to change your subscription or cancel it.


Who are these classes for?


These classes are for everyone, from anywhere in the world! Everybody is welcome here.

I have found that the people who benefit from this site the most are people who are too busy with work or kids to get to a studio, people who don’t live anywhere near a studio, people who have introverted tendencies or social anxiety who would prefer to practise in their own space (no "turn to the person on the mat next to you and say hi/give them a hug" here), neurodiverse people, people who want to build up their knowledge before trying out studios, people who travel a lot for work, or people who want to grow their practise at home.


Is the 'Grow With Me' membership still available?

Unfortunately not. This was a limited membership for people to become the very first supporters of the site and is now closed to new members.


Has my 'Grow With Me' membership changed?


Nope! It hasn't changed. If you're part of the 'Grow With Me' plan, your subscription will continue to run the same way as when you signed up and will retain all its benefits. Any changes to newer subscription plans will not reflect in the 'Grow With Me' membership.

What happens after I sign up?


You have immediate access to the Online Studio and you can start flowing, breathing and moving to the classes right away! You will receive a follow-up email to confirm your sign-up once your payment details have been processed (but you will not be charged until the 7-day trial is over).


Do you offer refunds?


Due to the subscription nature of the website, refunds are not offered for any previous payments. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged for any future months. Your subscription plan will remain active until the end of your most recently billed month. Please read the Terms of Use for more refund details here.


How can I contact you if I have any questions or concerns?


You can contact me at Please be aware that I am only one person running this whole site, so even though I will try my best to respond quickly, it may take a bit longer than anticipated. My office hours are Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm. I appreciate your patience and understanding with this.


This email is to be used for enquiries about Aoife Blake Movement & Meditation only. Any spam, advertising, or topics not relating to this website will be ignored and may be blocked.

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