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Looking to start your yoga journey but unsure what to do? This is the perfect place to start! Vinyasa Yoga is a quick-paced style that's dynamic and rhythmic. In this class, we go at a pace to help you get accustomed to the poses, transitions, and breathwork. You're guided through a beginner-friendly flow, while also building strength, mobility, and flexibility to help you progress further into your yoga journey. You'll feel stretched, strengthened, and energized after this class.

This is a short but powerful flow that will get your heart pumping and your muscles firing. Expect to build heat through sun salutations and vinyasas, and strength through crescent lunges, warrior 2, and side planks - finishing it off with some strong core work. This is the perfect practise to fit into your busy schedule, so you can have a fiery flow when time is short.

Power Yoga 16m - Aoife Blake Yoga.png
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