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Grow With Me!


I’m always working to build and grow the classes on this website. It’s been tough with constant lockdowns, studio closures and getting stuck in our tiny, dark apartment with very little room to film for the first year and a half of starting this business. Despite all the barriers, I refused to give up and I've not lost sight of what I want this website to be and where I want it to go. I still want to be able to offer you enjoyable, heartfelt flows that help grow your practise.

I work incredibly hard on all my on-demand classes and put so much love and passion into each and every one. I have given my absolute best to every single flow, sequence and spoken word because I feel you deserve to have that.

Even with everything going on, I still want to put my flows out into the world. This is why I am offering a reduced price subscription while I continue to create more and more videos for the site. So we can grow together!

What you’ll get:

  • Access to the Full Library!
    You will have access to my entire collection of yoga, yin, pilates and meditation videos, which is growing all the time.


  • Reduced pricing!
    It’s only $10 a month. That’s $2.50 a week! Less than one cup of coffee (and that’s Australian Dollars, so not only is it cheap in Australia, but the Euro, Pound and US & CAN Dollar makes the exchange rate work in your favour!).


  • You will keep this price, even when the subscription prices change.
    As a thank you for being the first supporters of Aoife Blake Movement & Meditation, you will retain this price even when the website goes into full launch and the subscription prices rise, meaning you can flow to the Full Library for a long time at an absolute steal.


  • You still get a 7 day free trial.
    You have a full week to try out my videos before committing.


  • Cancel anytime!
    If this simply isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime. This will mean that if you want to sign up again, you will have to go through the new subscription price.


  • This offer is limited.
    This is a special offer that will only be available while I grow the site. It will be capped at a certain number of people, so once this offer goes, it’s gone!


It means the world to me that you are here looking at what I have to offer. I hope to be able to guide you through your movement & meditation journey.

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